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About Us

Who are Zed- parts?


We both have a passion for motorcycles and enjoy working on and maintaining our own bikes ( when we have time!).



The Owner had bikes for more years than he cares to count! He began his motorcycling at a young age on a Greeves 250 then had his first Kawasaki, a KE175. This started his collection of Kawasakis from KM 90 to Z1300 - the six cylinder Kawasaki Z1300 being his favourite. Not only his daily ride but he also drag raced it, having made considerable alterations in order to reduce the weight of this heavy beast, achieving some good times.

It was on this bike also that he had a serious accident resulting in spinal injury, which for a while, brought his biking to a halt. It is very difficult to stop riding once motorcycling is in the blood, so Oz took to the saddle once more and revived his interest in two wheeled machines, albeit only when he is able and not in too much pain.



The Boss  started on bikes at 15 with a FS1E- one of the best 50 cc bikes ever made and now a valued collectors item. She progressed to middle of the range 400, 550 and 650 cc bikes mainly Kawasaki and Yamahas, favouring classic, custom and "chop" styling rather than race or streetfighter styles. After a 10 year break to raise a family, she returned to biking with a vengeance and now rides a Kawasaki Z1100 and is in the process of bringing a fizzy back to she can re-live her youth!

We somehow managed to end up with a large collection of older zeds and had been experiencing problems sourcing quality parts for these "older," now classic, 1970's and '80's bikes. So we had the idea of setting up a business to help our friends and others in a similar situation to ourselves.....

Hence- Zed-parts!



Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid paid tribute to local entrepreneurs at a special event. Sajid joined Bromsgrove District Council Officials to recognise entrepreneurs at the new business showcase
At a packed exhibition in the council chambers, Sajid presented a special award.
"The Beating the Recession Award" to

The Business set up motorcycle parts renovation business in August 2007, despite the tough economic climate - defied the recession to increase turnover and explore new markets.

Sajid said "I am truly impressed as well as encouraged by what I have seen. They had no capital, no business experience and no back up, just a desire to build something of their own, and they did it.

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