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27010-1026 Fan Temp Switch

27010-1026ZP This is our own fan switch for the z1300- a simple unit to just screw in and connect with the original wire, no need for extra connectors.

As a direct replacement to the original, these are made in Italy

Temp range is 87opening and 82 closing.

17mm A/F Spanner

Kawasaki's replacement for the original 27010-1026 fan switch that was superseded to 27010-1036 does not open until 110 degrees, and may trigger the fan to come on too late.

On testing this switch we had the fan coming on at the letter"E" on the TEMP guage.

Due to the cost of replacement, we only send this item signed for ,if you choose unsigned we are unable to replace if the postal system fails to deliver.



This unit must not be over tightened, fitting must be to the specs in the Kawasaki Service Manual see Page 61

Apply a liquid gasket to the thread before fitting

Tighten the switch to 0.50-kg-m (43-in-lbs) of torque.

After filling the radiator with coolant bleed the air from the cooling system see pg 24


27010-1026 Fan Temp Switch

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  • Fitting instructions
    Page 39 of the Kawasaki Manual
    Fit as per manufacturers specifications
    Use a small amount of Non permant locking agent
    Max torque
    0.50 Kg-M  - 43 In-lb

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