M14-(1.50) Fine Pitch Nyloc Lock A2 Stainless


M14.150 Fine Pitch Nyloc Lock A2 Stainless (1.50) 22mm Spanner Size
A2-70 Stainless
Price is per nut.

  • Details

    Used on engine mount bolts and other bolts where a lock nut is advised

    Thread Galling

    Galling occurs during fitting when pressure and friction cause the bolt thread to seize to the thread of a nut or tapped hole. 

    This is also known as "cold welding- friction weld".

    Special anti-seizing or anti-galling lubricants need to be used.

    Each pack of fine picth Nyloc nuts we send will have a small pack of copper slip to reduce the chance of galling

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