z1300ACGK z1300 Complete Gasket Kit


z1300ACGK z1300 Complete Gasket Kit Made From Kawasaki, Zedparts and Athena parts.

All these items have been used on our own bikes as well as customers.

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    Complete gaskets kits always come with some gaskets and "O" rings that don’t fit, are not needed or are missing.

    Our Complete Gasket Kit for the z1300 is made from Kawasaki, Zedparts and Athena.

    We take out the O rings that don't fit and replace with ones that do, we add a lot of extra O rings that do not come in any kits.

    A very important set that are always missing from the Z1300 kits are the 4 x O ring for the crank case that fit the studs. These need to be genuine Kawasaki, if a pattern O ring is too thick it can restrict the oil flow up the stud to the cams.

    Added to the kit are top tube and thermostat gaskets, again these are not found in other kits.

    This kit will cover the z1300A1-A5


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