When Debbie first enjoyed motorcycles

We went everywhere by bus, yellow and blue Birmingham buses. Neither parent drove cars let alone motorbikes. I had never even seen a motorbike as a child. Anywhere we went we were on the top deck of a double decker bus.

I knew I wanted to drive when I was bigger, save waiting in the cold for buses all my life, but never dreamed i would ride a bike too.I first sat on a motorbike when we visited cousins in Devon. She had a Honda CB750 Four and I sat on it and felt amazing. I was 11.

I wanted a bike!

I thought no more about it until I was around 15 and we moved to Redditch where more cousins had bikes. These were fast! RD250 and 350LCs. I would go to my Aunties house and stay till dark just so I would get a lift back. They must have been annoyed at me but never said! I didn't care which bike I got a lift on as long as they went fast!

At 15 I found a FS1E for sale, I was unaware that I was buying the best sports moped money could buy, an iconic bike, one that people my age remember with fondness. I learnt how to ride it and funded it by working at a cafe. The day I was 16 I proudly rode it to school, from Redditch to Birmingham. No more hour long bus journeys to school and back. I was so happy.

Boys at school hated me. It was the early eighties.They had newer bikes which looked good but were restricted. Mine used to fly past them from school! I would overtake everthing ( nothing changes), no speed cameras in those days! These were happy days. I loved the ride to and from school, inevitably with little cash I would often run out of petrol halfway home and pushed that little baby home miles. Its surprising how heavy a 50cc gets when you push uphill after six miles with leather and helmet on!

And so the life long relationship with two wheels had begun.

Over the years ...... when freezing cold, soaking wet, hands so stiff they cant move, lumbered with carrying heavy clothing, helmet and hot boots on a beautiful day, flies ruining my mascara, flat helmet hair when everyone else has nice styles, wearing jeans when other girls wore pretty skirts........I have said I will stop riding bikes. But this never lasts long.

For all the discomforts of riding a motorcycle, nothing can beat the feeling of exhilaration as you pull away and accelerate off down the highway into the evening, watching the sun sinking on the horizon!

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