Emma's First Bike

I still have and use my baby Suzie now.

I want to get a bigger bike, the question I have though is do I sell my first bike? My baby Suzie?

You see my mother sold her first bike then years on found it and purchased it back. If I were to get a larger bike, I know for a fact baby Suzie will sit in the garage lonely and rusty. The thought of someone else spending their most vulnerable times with my Suzie makes me cringe, like most bikers when I am having trouble I try to go out on my bike and get away from it all. Get lost in the countryside then try figure out how to get back without taking much notice of the exact route.

Not all - but some - of the lads seem to think that if they have a nice cool cruiser or sports bike they can be like Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy or Chris Pratt in Jurrasic Park but in reality bugs hit you in the face, your hands get freezing cold even on a good day and when you have a van up your **** it can scare the life out of you!

I was lucky enough to come from a family of bikers.

As soon as Mum and Oz found out that I wanted to do my CBT they got an old bike and took me Astonfields Industrial Estate to practice some of the slow riding as they knew I would struggle with it.

After I did my CBT I spent ages looking for a bike I was so picky!

Until we came across my baby Suzie, I knew I wanted her though I didn’t take her out for a test drive – my mother did! Mother also rode it back, “just to be sure it was safe” I am sure that will be a great excuse to use for my kids when they get their first bike.

As soon as I could, I was out on it. To begin with I thought I was the coolest girl at college. There were no girls in the college, let alone my class that had a motorbike. I would get asked by school kids on the way to class to get them fags thinking I was old enough to get served! Although I was underage I could get served but I certainly was not going to tell them that.

I remember one day as I was riding to my friends’ house it suddenly decided to start raining. The water all gathered at my crotch so it looked like I had wet myself. Thankfully Becky, let use her hair dryer for half an hour to dry my trousers out.

Thankfully, I only came off my bike once. I remember it as clear as day, I was whizzing round the country lanes and as I was going down the hill, a large Range Rover taking up 80% of the road suddenly appeared heading straight for me. I swerved to the left on gravel, skidded and landed on my back.

When I opened my eyes, the gentleman had got out of the car to see if I was okay and I got up and hurried back onto my bike as quickly as possible because of sheer embarrassment.

I tried riding off, with the handlebars at a funny angle. Looking back now I could cry with laughter but at the time I was so angry with myself. I gave up trying to ride home and called my parents who came to pick me up. Oz straightened the wheel between his legs and rode Suzie home for me, both were dead chuffed I actually got back on my bike in the state it was in!

After a while, the fun of commuting to college wore off because alcohol after college seemed a lot more fun. Eventually my CBT ran out and having stepchildren made it hard to afford a CBT. Everytime i saw people out on their bikes in the sun I missed being on mine but I had to put the children first and wait for the right time to get Suzie back on the road.

And that time is now.

I have had her back on the road with the help of my parents for over a year.

Most weekends, whether I go out by myself and enjoy ‘me’ time or go out with the mother and her friends I feel close to Suzie. Unlike friends she has always been there and always pushed on when I told her a petrol station would eventually appear.

Not to mention Suzie was the first bike my goddaughter, two ex-stepkids and hopefully god son sat on!

Do I sell her on for someone else to create memories or do I keep her?

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