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Paint Stripping


We are pleased to offer the latest in waterborne, chemical, non abrasive paint stripping



Traditional blasting can result in minute abrasive particles being left behind in inaccessible areas so even if you clean thoroughly, before repainting, inserting new bearings etc, some particles may still be there. This method means the part you want stripped is completely free of paint and with no media to contaminatye the parts you can confidently continue with your rebuild.

The water based  chemicals are heated to a temperature of around 45 -60 degrees and with air bubbled through the tank to increase cleaning performance, the time taken to strip all sorts of paints, laquers, and powder coating is reduced significantly. 

These engine bars were heavily powder coated. They were in the tank around an hour and were completely stripped.

The tank is insulated to prevent rapid heat loss and the chemicals are diluted so not classed as hazardous. Therefore this is a fairly environmentally friendly method to use compared to some other harsher methods. An alkalinity booster is added to give protection for mild steel. Flash rusting will occur if steel parts are left untreated so we have a vat to dip steel parts in afterwards to de-rust. 

This works on all metals and some plastics providing we keep the temperature low. The coatings it will strip are polyeurethane based paints, acrylic, lacquers, epoxy based paints and electro-coated paints. This caliper was in a bad condition. After stripping, we cleaned the corrosion off and it is now ready to be fitted with a new piston and seals.


Fuel tanks, providing they are small enough to get in the tank can be done. Then we place in the de-rusting vat to ensure that it is rust free inside and out before painting. If you are not going to paint your steel item straight away, we can spray with moisture guard to protect. This will have to be removed before painting.


Prices £5 for brackets and small items. Call us for a quote.

De-rusted steel parts before painting


This is a z1300 exspansion bottle cover de-rusted

Primed with an etch primer then painted.

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