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Lithium-ion battery LTM21L

Li-ion battery with surge protection from Skyrich

Overcharge Protection (OP)

Battery Management System (BMS)

Spacer (S)

Waterproof (WP)

All batteries are equipped with an improved charge indicator, which shows the state of charge of the battery even more precisely.

Due to their specific properties, lead-acid batteries can only use 30% of their capacity, while lithium-ion batteries use almost 100% of their capacity.

For this reason, the lithium versions of the Skyrich batteries need only 1/3 the capacity of a comparable lead-acid battery for the same starting power.

The dimensions of the lithium-ion batteries match the dimensions of the original lead-acid batteries using adapters.

The connections are identical, so the battery can be replaced in a few minutes without any further adjustments.

Please note that only suitable chargers may be used for charging.
For the maximum recommended charging currents, please refer to the technical data below.

Under no circumstances should chargers be used which attempt to desulphurate deep-discharged batteries.

The manufacturer guarantees a sufficient starting capacity up to -5 degrees Celsius.

Skyrich lithium-ion batteries use iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the cathode material and use the lithium-polymer process in their manufacture. As a result, they can neither go up in flames nor explode in normal operation.
The technology and the manufacturing process guarantee the highest safety standard for lithium batteries.


- 12 V maintenance-free lithium-ion battery
- Charging current recommended 3 A
- maximum charge current for fast charge 24 A


Lithium-ion battery LTM21L

  • Voltage                                            :   12v
    Capacity                                          :   6 Ah (10 Std)
    Capacity                                          :   72 Wh
    Type                                                  :   Lithium Maintenance free
    Activated                                        :   Yes
    Manufacturer claimed CCA    :   360 A
    Length                                             :   150 mm
    Width                                               :   87 mm
    Height                                             :   105 mm
    Weight                                            :   1.5 kg
    Positive terminal                        :   Front right
    Negative terminal                     :   Front left
    Manufacturer                              :   Skyrich

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