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Suzuki GT750 JIS Zinc Screw Engine Case Kit

Suzuki GT750 J,K,L,M,A,B  JIS Zinc Screw Engine Case Kit

Screws to fit

Points cover

Oil pump Cover

Clutch Cover

Generator Cover

Sprocket Cover

Left Cover


These screws are an ideal replacement to the original Zinc Plated Steel Screws that were fitted by Suzuki, they have a smaller head than other pan head screws, allowing them to fit the covers correctly.

JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standard, the type of screws you will find on all older Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha bikes


All our JIS screws are made in Japan, by Japanese companies.


Suzuki GT750 JIS Zinc Screw Engine Case Kit

  • This kit covers the following models
    Suzuki GT750J 1972
    Suzuki GT750K,L,M,A,B 1973-77


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