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Tacho Seal Kit
This is a Tacho Seal Repair Kit consisting of the following Genuine parts-
1x 92050-075 Oil Seal
1x 92065-103 Gasket
1x 670D1510 O Ring

Tacho Seal Kit

Only 4 left in stock
  • 92050-075 Oil Seal
    670D1510 O Ring
    92065-103 Gasket

    Z200 A1-A1A-A2
    Z250 D1-D2-L1-W1
    Z305 A1-A2-B1-B2-B3
    Z400 A1-A2-A3-B1-B2-D-D3-D4-G1-H1-S-S2-S3
    Z440 A1-A2-A3-A4-B1-B2-D1-D2-D3-D4-D5
    Z500 B1-B2
    Z550 A1-A2-A3-A4-C1-C2-C3-C4
    Z650 B1-B2-B2A-B3-C1-C2-C3-D1-D1A-D2-D3-E1-F1-H1-H2-H3
    Z750 B1-B2-B3-B4-E1-E2-E3-G1-H1-H2-H3-H4-K1-K2-M1
    Z1 A-B
    Z900 A4-A5-B1
    Z1000 A1-A2-A2A-A3-A3A-A4-B1-B2-B3-B4-D1-D3-E1-E2-G1-M1-M2
    Z1300 A1-A5
    ZG1300 A1-A5 DFI
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