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Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Kits

Stainless Steel Engine Mount Bolt Kits

Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Kits Cover the Following

We do two types of engine kits- casings only or full kits

The kits do not include crankcase halves, cylinder nuts, special bolts for a particular model, or bolts for critical application


Transmission/ Sprocket Cover
Right and Left Covers
Clutch Adjustment Cover
Clutch Cover
Include the following depending on make and model
Cam Cover
Inlet Rubbers
Tacho Drive Bolt
Oil Cooler
Oil Pipe Clips
Mission Cover
Inlet Manifold Vacuum Blanks
Cam/Timing Chain Tensioner Body
Pick Up Coil Housing and Cover
Clutch Adjustment Cover
Left Timing Sprocket Cover
Timing Inspection Cover
Kickstart Lever Bolt
Kickstart Shaft Plate
Clutch Cover
Right Engine Cover
Exhaust Stud Nuts
Thermostat Housing
Fan housing
Left Engine Cover
Rear Brake Lever
Engine Mount Bolt Kits

We make the long studs out of 316 stainless bar threaded both ends to take the nuts. We use

Dome, Nylock or Flanged nuts with plain and spring washers.

On the mount plates we use standard Socket Cap bolts, with Nuts, plain and spring washers if needed


N.B. It is important to inform us of the exact year and model of bike in order to cut the bar to the correct lengths. Also if there are any modifications to the frame as the standard mount bars will not fit if this is the case.

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