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Z1000 Stainless Engine Bolt Kit
Full engine bolt kit in Stainless Steel Socket Caps

Does not include the cylinder head nuts, or any bolts that are specially made or of critical application.

Z1000 Stainless Engine Bolt Kit

  • This Kits covers the following
    Cam cover
    Taco retainer
    Inlet Rubbers
    Exhaust nuts
    Cam chain ten
    Starter motor
    Breather cover
    Brake pedal
    Gear lever
    Kick bolt
    Left cover
    Right cover
    Clutch cover
    Clutch adjustment cover
    Mission cover

    As with the other kits we do this kit does not cover the Cylinder Head Nut or Bolt, Crankcase split Bolts, special bolt made by the manufacturer or bolts needed for critical application.

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