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Restoration Services

We are currently not offering the full restoration service that we once did due to Oz's spinal injury making this a very slow and painful job


We can still renovate parts and offer advice on how, where, what and how much if you are restoring your own bike. Parts for these older bikes are becoming increasingly hard to source which also makes this a very slow job. In the last few years we have been held up for long periods whilst rebuilding Z1300s due to lack of availability of parts.


Complete Bike Restoration


Restoring a bike can be a timely and often costly experience.  We are not currently able to offer this service, however we can offer help and advice on your rebuild.

Single parts or one off items


We are able to service and restore many one off items like brake callipers, master cylinders, carburettors and individual parts if service kits are available.

Using a lathe and milling machine we can make one off parts like wheel spacers, brackets, threaded engine mount bars and special screws.


Often an item that is seized and deemed useless can be brought back to life with a blast, paint and bit of ingenuity. This is often necessary when you have trawled the internet only to find that your required part is nowhere in the world.


Oz's speciality is the carburettor. Temperamental, unpredictable but essential to get running correctly or else your bike will be going nowhere- carbs can be hard to set up.

The ethanol in fuel these days breaks down years of sludge at the bottom of old tanks and causes many fuelling problems. We strip carbs by hand, clean every part individually in the ultrasonic cleaner and rebuild using new gaskets, O rings, service kits if necessary and stainless bolts.

This is the only way to ensure every part is clean and serviceable.


If you want just the carb bodies cleaned then we can do this too and you rebuild.


Once rebuilt, we bench set the carbs up and do a leak test overnight. Only when we are happy that the carbs are ready do we ship back to you.


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