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Ultrasonic Cleaning

When people contact us regarding ultrasonic carb cleaning, we first ask several questions about the running of the bike. This is to ascertain whether or not ultrasonic cleaning will help. Electrical faults can cause similar symptoms.

Once we know that the problem really does lie with the carbs, we describe the method of cleaning and the price guide for the particular carbs.


When we clean carbs we take the carbs of the mounting bars and then strip each carb by hand, these parts are then placed an a container marked as belonging to that carb so the parts are not mixed up.

This way we can see if any of the internal components are worn, damaged or missing and need replacing or just dirty. After cleaning and rebuilding using new gaskets, we then bench set the carbs and test for leaks overnight before returning back to you ready to fit onto your bike.


You will then have to synch them up to your bike, please make sure the compression, valve timing and ignition timing are within the specifications otherwise setting up may be difficult. This is an extra cost if you are not able to do this yourself and should be taken into account when pricing up.


Due to the market being flooded with cheap, inferior carb repair kits,  if you supply them with your carbs we will not use them.

We have had many problems with inferior parts not working as they should. After you spending money and us spending our time on cleaning the carbs properly we want them to work perfectly!. We only use genuine good quality parts, that we know work!

We have also been told that our prices are too high. If you want your carbs cleaned properly then they need to be stripped down to every small item, if you have four or six carbs this can take a long time!


A lot of companies just dip the whole carb into a tank to clean without stripping them first, this will not do the job properly and you will only have to do it again.









Pics of some of the carbs we have done

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